The Finest Barrels from
Natural Appalachian White Oak

Founded and funded by experienced business folks, The Great Barrel Company believes in the integrity, ingenuity, and work ethic of those who have chosen this Appalachian mountain community to be home. The Great Barrel Company will manufacture top quality white oak barrels for the distilled spirits industry throughout the United States. Our standards allow no short cuts and only the best materials and craftsmanship. For more information about The Great Barrel Company, contact us here.


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Bringing Economic Opportunity to the Greenbrier Valley

This idea evolved out of the recovery from the flood. The people who invested in West Virginia to rebuild homes truly believed that rebuilding homes was just the beginning of the economic recovery of West Virginia. They have pulled together a group of 20 investors to make this project a reality and to complete the economic recovery, which only economic development can do.
— Tom Crabtree, Managing Member
The West Virginia Great Barrel Company will create 113 new high quality jobs in their manufacturing plant and another 25 new jobs in a stave mill and log yard. And using West Virginia’s own white oak will support jobs in our state’s timber industry, on which many families and communities rely.
— WV Secretary H. Wood Thrasher
The folks from Scotland and Ireland who settled in these mountains knew that to make great whiskey they needed a great barrel. The WVGBC shield and coat of arms recall and honor those folks.
— TAG Galyean, President Emeritus, Smooth Ambler Spirits


Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture a top quality product in the Greenbrier Valley and to export that product internationally. We will strive to employ the good folks of Appalachia in good paying, safe jobs.


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Conserving our Forests

We Believe...

...our forest and land provides many benefits to all West Virginians and visitors to our state, including wood products, wildlife habitat, clean air and water, and recreational opportunities.  The decisions we make today regarding our forests will impact the quality of West Virginia’s forests for many years and generations to come.