Our Mill



Audrina Mill
Union, WV

The Audrina Mill outside of Union, WV, is our primary stave mill.  It is a full-scale lumber mill as well, providing a market for all the products brought in by our local timber men and women.  The timber comes from the heart of the Appalachian region up to 150 miles from our site. The Appalachian oak grows on steep slopes of the Appalachian ridges, creating a hearty, tight grained quality white oak specimen. 

The Mill is a supremely efficient operation that makes economic use of every part of the timber received.  Nothing is disposed of without further use. Saw dust and chips are converted to pellets for further use or transported to pulp mills to make paper.  Bark is collected and used for local landscaping mulch.  Random cuts are converted to firewood for local consumption and use.

The Monroe County valley where the mill sits is a unique environment for the optimum curing of staves.  A constant flow of breeze and winds along with temperate days and nights create the perfect place for white oak staves to cure patiently and properly to be the best staves possible for barrels.