About Us


West Virginia Based

We are proudly located in the Greenbrier Valley in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. Our plentiful resources and Appalachian know-how allow us to create a top-grade barrel for the international spirit and wine industry. WVGBC will provide upwards of 50 new skilled jobs and generate revenues from outside the state for products and labor generated within the State

Old Craft, New Technology

At the Great Barrel Company, we are creating a new standard of barrel for the distilling industries—combining modern technologies to the craft of cooperage while improving the efficiency and quality of distinct distilling operations.


Our Monroe County Mill and Greenbrier County cooperage take NO short cuts. We use the best materials, the best equipment, and the best process to create a world-class barrel. We make a "Great Barrel" every time

Using and Preserving Resources

The Great Barrel Company uses the unique resources of West Virginia and the Appalachian Mountains, while at the same time protecting these resources to make sure they exist for future generations. These mountains are our home, and we treat them with respect and gratitude.

As a participant in the timber industry of West Virginia as well as the surrounding regions, WVGBC pledges to support the sustainable and responsible management of this great resource by our own practices as well as the practices of our partners and suppliers. WVGBC encourages responsible forest management and environmentally-sound harvesting practices.  Some of our operating principals include:

> Sustainable Forestry

> Protection of Water Resources

> Protection of Special Areas

> Avoidance of Controversial Sources

> Legal Compliance